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by Buskers

Reliquary 06:03
Verse 1: You see me as anointed You think too high of me I'm broken off into a million pieces To promote your Holy See A phony holy object Another thorny crown A Shroud of Turin Hides the truth from within That you always put me down Prechorus: Drowned in your Yangtze And told that it is the Somme I won't be your reliquary In your twisted Notre Dame Chorus 1: Reliquary Put up on display Reliquary Don't wanna be this way Verse 2: You put me up behind glass A station of the cross Resuming your trek With me on your neck Another albatross You want to create a god So why did you choose me Just cut the worship 'Cause it's all bullshit I'm no reliquary Prechorus Chorus 1 Chorus 2: I will not be your idol (Reliquary) To be put up on your pedestal (Reliquary) To become one of your false saints (Reliquary) To become everything I ain't Repeat Chorus 2 Verse 1 Prechorus Chorus 1(x2)
The Janitor 05:04
Verse 1: I see the great divide Growing ever wider each and every day Extremes growing more in size Bringing civil war and more hypocrisy There's me, standing here alone As you spread the dirt and shit all over me My mop is caked with your filth I give up with you. You're not worth it to me Bridge: Always waiting for some janitor to come To clean up the messes made by all you bums Chorus: (You fucked it up) With all your lies (You fucked it up) And brought this world into distress (You fucked it up) And blackened out the skies (You fucked it up) And I am sick of cleaning up this mess Verse 2: Black bile all over the earth Acidic words of hate will make us extinct Nuclear vomit burn away nature I won't clean it up. You do it yourselves Bridge Chorus Bridge Chorus (You fucked it up)(x4) And I am sick cleaning up your mess
Verse 1: I was a little kid I played a lot of video games I wanted to be a game designer I read Sonic the Hedgehog comic books Chorus: I'm an outsider I am a loner I'm an outsider Someone notice me Verse 2: I was an adolescent I drew stupid comics about stick men I made fun of Bush 43 in college I played extreme metal at the campus radio station Chorus Verse 3: I am now an adult I make music few listen to I ended up in a psych ward My comic in college was called Psych Ward Chorus End Verse: Rock over Milwaukee Rock on Burlington Jolly Good: we put the pop in Wisconsin
Kiss the girl You know she likes you Make your move Before you regret it Kiss the girl What are you waiting for Make your move Before she finds somebody new I know that you are quite so shy And the words are stuck inside your head Hold her close and tell her "I love you" Or you'll never even get to have the chance again Pretty eyes They're staring at you Moving close Your heart is thumping more Pretty eyes She's touching your hand Moving close I think that she wants to kiss you Why am I telling this to you Because I think you already know I tell you this through a mirrored glass Because the one that I'm telling all of this to is me
Chorus: Reggae is my Jah(x2) Verse 1: Jah riddim makin' I feel whole It bring calmness to da soul Play da music of Kingston Da light of Jah is on I face No dogma here in dis space Wit da earth I am one Chorus Verse 2: And tho' I skin reflect in da sun Got da spirit of da Yellowman Eek-A-Mouse and Aswad too I love da roots and dancehall Patois, one-drop, and response-call And payin' dub its due
Verse 1: I have gone off-end I have lost my way I don't know where I Will go today It's all falling down My sanity Save me from this world Give me clarity Bring it to my ear Bring me the sound I have lost my mind I wish to be found Clear my anger now Give me inner peace Cleanse out my soul Let the darkness cease Chorus: Elektroshock Rock Music therapy Ground my thoughts now Give me sanity Verse 2: Stuck inside my head Trapped inside myself I was screaming out And I needed help Get me out of Hell Help me now to see My mind's clouded up I want to be free! Chorus
Part 1: Instrumental Part 2: Multidimensional(x2) Hidden In plain Sight Creatures That shun The light Changing the frequency Of our reality Opens our eyes to see Electric signals go right to the brain And make up what's known of the earth The quantum mechanics all sound quite insane And reduces all of life's worth A quantum computer can change what we are Create a Mandala Effect The calculations have gone way too far A multiverse architect Multidimensional(x2) Part 3: All of spacetime It's in a sequence with the prime Universe, there's more than one Theory of the simulation Waves decode the surrounding flames To interact with this video game Schrödinger's caveat When we were searching for his damn cat Was not to bug it with the string Now look at the horrors we bring Unseen extradimensionals Hidden creatures are plentiful Time, width, length and height Beyond that causes humans a fright 'Cause they don't know how to respond When seeing horrors from beyond Colors out of time and space Unknown world and unknown place Ultraviolet, infrared We can see them. Are we dead? Sight, sound, touch and scent Natural laws have become bent Hear the message told by the string Tell the theory of everything Feel the vibe of the frequency Unearth all of the secrecy Visions of the monster's face As it wipes out the human race Supermassive Black Hole Star Craps out waste through a quasar Never know what the hell's inside Nothing enters comes out alive See it now through clarity A quantum singularity In the multiverse, if this one ends There's another just around the bend All the universe is gone I await a rising dawn Locked the door, threw out the key As I leave reality Part 4: Instrumental
Verse 1: Is there an end to this misery A light at the end of the tunnel road You left this world before me 'Cause you couldn't take the load That load that is on me now As I fall further in the abyss And I wonder if light's shining down Will I ever climb out of this Chorus: As I stare into the light I wonder where it will now go As it shines into my eyes Will I die and still have my soul Verse 2: Carissa's death, it pained me And it helped bring me to a new low It killed what's left of the heart in me The darkness, it still grows Chorus Verse 3: A light to illuminate this sphere Of possibilities
Here come da lion, comin' on da scene Witnessin' destruction by de Babylon Machine We see da phony leader on da screens dey lie Oppressin' over you and over I & I Flamethrowers burnin' down da forests of green To replace with dere technocratic nightmare machines Da world need a savior. It needs a scion To bring da human race to da mountains of Zion Machines of war turn everyting in sight Into a technological cancerous blight Babylon Machine flyin' high in da sky Destroyin' da beauty of Ras Tafari Great exploitation makin' I sick Turnin' a wide-eye child into a cynic Babylon spinnin' all of dere false tales But de people on de ground are pullin' de veil Da veil of Maya has been pulled from your eyes Now ya get to see da lord of da flies Babylon Machine hostin' a human zoo Run by a demon. His name is Pazuzu He want to put humans into slavery Injectin' dem wit' nanotechnology He want to create de ultimate schism Get his cyborgs to march to da martial riddims Focusin' now, here on ground zero De rise of da Rasta superhero His name is Ras and he will bring peace He da second coming of Haile Selassie Pazuzu still wanna swallow us whole His cyberganja will eat at your soul Ras and Pazuzu, da battle's begun De unholy bells of da machine have rung Cyberganja, cloned from da seed Babylon calls it da legal weed Ras had seen it destroy Jamaica It's an abomination and a blight on Jah Pazuzu infected it wit' nanobots If one didn't ingest it den dey were shot Ras had seen what it done to his town Now da Babylon Machine is goin' down Pazuzu's propaganda deep fake machine Creates all da messages da zombies believe Ras gained his power from da lion's heart His spirit stay grounded, can't be torn apart Ras wants humanity to wake up and see And only den will humans be finally free Ras has come because dey need to be saved 'Cause da Babylon Machine always needs new slaves Babylon Machine launchin' da first strike Pazuzu appear, he come on da mike "Surrender, you fool. Isn't it quite clear I de Archon of Powah, I de Archon of Fear" But Ras, he not afraid. His strength only grows Got da powah of Jah behind all of his blows And now we celebrate all ya girls and boys 'Cause da Babylon Machine has been destroyed Machine has fallen and da towers fall No more of Laibach, it time for de dancehall And Ras, like Moses, have to clean up dis mess And lead all of his children tru de Exodus Ras leads dem tru da deserted plain He's hopin' dat dey don't all go insane But at da very end, praise be to da lion Ras and his people have all found Zion
Omega 06:12
Verse 1: Acid rain falls Upon the grain Pockmark the earth Leaving a blood stain Electric grid It shorted out Savagery rise Of that there is no doubt Chaos coming here to destroy the earth Bringing technology down to the dirt There is nowhere for any to hide Extinction's coming, the turning of the tide Chorus: Finalé Armageddon Apocalypse Revelation This is what's coming Just 'round the bend This is Omega This is the end Verse 2: Fires of Ice Rise up from Hell Freezerburned land Little here still dwells Humans are dead End of feature Begin new reel New dominant creature Natural selection taking its course The new creature cannot be any worse After all, the way humanity died Was a massive global suicide Chorus
Verse 1: I'm drivin' past the Culver's That is right down Mayfair Road I'm lookin' for a tavern That will lighten up my load I'm lookin' to drink Leine's Or even a Spotted Cow Frank's Power Plant to the Ale House I wanna drink right now Chorus: Oh, the preacher man, he once told me that drinking is a sin And that might be true everywhere except for Wisconsin There's a bar on every street corner in the town of Burlington There's a bar next to a church. It's our religion Verse 2: I'm stumblin' from Tichigan To the outskirts of Green Bay From near the border of Iowa To the town of Allouez I won't stop my drinkin' Unless I am declared dead The wonders of the Dairy State To be among cheeseheads Chorus Bridge: I am so bloody drunk! I can now no longer see! That is just what happens when you drink Wisconsinbly! Chorus


This has to be the first time an entire album was done by myself. I do plan on doing more collaborative work in the future, but I really wanted to get these songs recorded as they had been sitting on the back burner for over a year. It is also the longest album I've done by far.

Two bonus tracks and lyric book PDF available with purchase of this album.


released February 6, 2022

All instruments, production, songwriting, and vocals by Tony Kinnard unless otherwise noted.


all rights reserved



Buskers Wisconsin

Some guy who makes whatever music he wants, and whoever else decides to tag along.

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