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2020 Selection

by Buskers

Verse 1: So many years ago I thought I knew it all But I was just trying to walk before I even crawled All my life, I was told that things were a certain way Now I know that all of it was leading me astray Bridge: Explode! My brain! This information overload! Is driving me insane! Verse 2: Hidden knowledge that they kept from me in school How much did I not know, how much was I a fool? Fed a bunch of lies through their many memoranda To make another citizen through constant propaganda And it doesn't end when you exit those darkened halls It's living rent-free in your head, it's got you by the balls Time to break the shackles, it's time to free up your mind It's time to adjust to the light, and no longer be blind Bridge Chorus: And when the world is crumbling down Will you still be by my side, will you still be around? Or are you gonna fade away Disappear into the night, while I go to face the day?
Let Them Die 07:11
Verse 1: Plagues of man Continuing the plan Full control Terrorism is the goal Spread the fear Martial law is now here Sanity Lost in this society The latest problem, causing crazed reactions Now they appear with their predetermined solution It's all a psyop to destroy our souls With the "new normal", the armed pig patrols This population has been rendered dumb Am I the last man to stand up for our freedoms Take all these leaders, with all of their lies Put a bullet in their heads, and then just let them die Chorus: Armed revolution! It's what this world needs! To rid the world of the state disease! Raid all of DC! Cut off all their heads! Never stop until they all are fucking dead! Verse 2: Panicked mass Stick it straight up your ass Retard sheep Think you're woke, but you're asleep There's no worth To this flaming shit-ball earth History Is just constant misery If you don't wake up, and smell the coffee now Then to the leader's feet, you'll be forced to bow Go ahead, continue to think it's for your "safety" When really, all it is is your willing slavery Future non-existent, just shoot me in the head I cynically want extinction, the fucking humans dead 'Cause if we can't evolve, we don't give it a try If we can't ditch the statist quo, then we should fucking die Chorus
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Donald Trump's a traitor The democrats are clowns The government is mind-control So let's all burn it down
Verse 1: Risen a new Caesar From the bitch-ass crowd pleasers Giving safety to the dumb In exchange for our freedom Boxing up here all the wise Men who's anger's on the rise I'm fed up, I've had my fill Time to rise up, time to kill Bridge: "Et tu Brute", they be screaming in the air I won't relent from this assault, I do not care I will make them bleed with a guillotine chop I will not surrender, I will not stop Chorus: Ides of March are coming! (x4) Verse 2: So this is the fate Of the fools of the state Of the NPC cliche Who just bleet and obey Haven't got a lumen 'Cause they aren't even human Freedom taken, they applaud Government's their holy god Bridge Chorus Verse 3: The massive brainwashing has been effective 'Cause Americans support a terrorist collective The government operates through violence and fear And made us more subservient year after year When are we gonna stand up, when are we gonna fight back? Stand up for your rights and get on the attack I will not bow to you, I will not take a knee I won't live as a slave, I would rather die free Bridge Chorus
Royal Pain 03:39
Verse 1: They sit On their throne of skulls As they play with All our lives They laugh At our misfortunes And keep hidden Their archives They say "How dumb are these fools? How much can we Push them around?" They think They are untouchable That we won't come and Put them down Chorus: History repeats It's the fall of the Neo-Romans And it's "do as I say But don't do as I do Dumb plebians" Why should I bow To a fool up on a throne? Do you think you're better than me? Well you're not, you're non-essential You're a royal pain Verse 2: It's all A giant fear scam To enslave us Take our rights And there's So many fools that Gladly kowtow Without a fight It makes Me so damn sad that Humanity's end Is nearly nigh If you're Part of this system Stick a gun to Your head and die Chorus
Spoken intro: And now a word from this album's sponsor Yo Ho Ho, and a bottle of rum Steal a bunch of crap from the corporations Yo Ho Ho, and a big fat blunt Gonna leech it through a bittorrent Pirate Bay, matey! Yarrgh! Spoken outro: We now return you to "2020 Selection", already in progress
Loves Lost 09:38
There are so many things I regret Like my past actions I did when I was young How was I to know that in my head I was fed advice That was nothing but dung And then you left me here all alone 'Cause I was a fool I let slip my stupid tongue You were The first that I had A connection But now it is lost But be 'Cause my head was bad I threw it away A friendship here tossed It's been Well over ten years But I never Forgot about you But I'm Well past my tears Because now I Have purpose anew You were my brother in blood and arms We stood against the Tyrannical monster But you couldn't be here right now Because your health failed And now you're a martyr And there are ones who would use your name But they pervert who You are: your honor You stood For liberty True freedom And not for the state You saw The validity To stand up and Fight for a better fate And it Makes me so sick That these people Piss on your memory They tried To play a trick About you, but I knew you quite clearly And now we know freedom has been lost But still they can't see What they do above They gaslight me, say that I am nuts But do they know that My concern is out of love Because nature is here beautiful And I don't want Borgs Stuffing it up with a glove Loves I've had in the past Have become lost But one still remains It Shall remain my last Until I die 'Cause it flows in my veins Freedom! I won't give you up! Not for anything! Not even my life! Tyrants! I will blow them up! We must end them We must stop the strife
Quarantine 10:28
Clamping down today Forcing us into their way They want me in their role Because they want full control I will not obey your quarantine 'Cause I think your presence is obscene And your lies have pulled my final straw 'Cause it's just another word for Martial Law Tell a bunch of lies on the TV screen The latest was a New York hospital scene CBS claimin' it was Manhattan Even though they were speaking in Italian They claimed that it was an editing mistake Fuck you, you mean that your "news" is fake Like ABC News' Syria attack Or saying that Epstein wasn't whacked I will not obey your quarantine (Future dystopian, government's draconian) 'Cause I think your presence is obscene (1984, everyone's Big Brother's whore) And your lies have pulled my final straw (Old ways are pollution, time's come for revolution) 'Cause it's just another word for Martial Law


released June 14, 2020

Tony Kinnard - Production


all rights reserved



Buskers Wisconsin

Some guy who makes whatever music he wants, and whoever else decides to tag along.

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